The Beginning

Jul 12, 2013


Dress: Hollister // Belt: H&M // Flats: Costa Blanca // Bag: XXI

Hi and welcome to my blog, "A Splash of Tan"! After a long, tedious process of planning, designing, and actually trying to learn the html coding (thank you to all the people who post the help codes online!), I'm proud to announce the start of my blog. I've done a lot of trial and error to make it look nice and to format it in a way that is efficient to look through posts.

To start it off, here's a simple outfit, reflecting pretty well what my style is- simple and comfortable. Thank you to my friend who helped me take these photos! I can tell you that I am the absolute worst at posing and acting "natural" in front of the camera, but I try my hardest! I hope you'll continue to read my blog from here on out. If you want to be updated easily, follow me on Bloglovin' or GFC. Thanks for stopping by! :)

This will be a place where I post about my personal style, life events, and anything else worth writing about. If you'd like to read more regarding my blog, you can visit my "about" page.

Do you see the hungry caterpillar?