Like Watching Grass Grow

Oct 3, 2013

Today, this post might be different from most things I usually write about, but I just thought that I would share about my week in summary. It may not be the MOST exciting week of my life... it's like watching grass grow. Grass is kind of boring. But, let's just say that my life this week is like that one random patch of grass that has a mushroom growing in it (makes it somewhat interesting).

1. Midterms: midterm season has finally arrived which means it's time to study! This has just been one of those weeks where I honestly have been so lazy, tired, stressed, and who knows what else. When I'm in a mood like that, wearing some stylish, nice outfit is not in the picture. I'm at school for 9 to 11 hours a day on average and I have to be in the most comfortable thing I can wear. You know what I mean? For example, when you wear skirts, you almost take on a specific role of being very lady-like and sitting nicely- too much work. I've retreated back to my hoodies. That is my lame explanation for no outfit posts all week hehe.

I'm totally studying... there is too much for me to read in social psychology :( Even though it's a relatively thin textbook in comparison to my other ones, the information just never ends...

2. Coming Out Of My Shell: remember how I said I would get more involved in my school and breaking out of my comfort zone from my last post? Well, it's finally happening! I joined another fellowship at my school and can I say that everyone there is sooooo friendly and nice? I'm really glad that I took that first step because I've made some new friends! Best of all though, I feel like I finally have a place at school where I can grow spiritually.

My next move? Finding a work-study position or a volunteer research position on campus. I find it so hard so hard to talk to professors! It's hard to ask things during lecture because there are so many other students. I don't have much to say to them... I'm pretty clear on their lecture and it seems so abrupt to suddenly ask professors for research opportunities.

3. Summer Missed Us: I've experienced some fall weather when it was still summer. Maybe summer is trying to get back at fall for coming so early because it is so warm now! Just a few weeks ago, I was wearing several layers and now it's skirt weather again. It's really refreshing too, especially being able to eat lunch outside.

4. School Events: this week seemed to be packed full with a lot of things happening at school. Today, I guess it was "food truck" day because there were multiple food trucks across campus selling delicious food :) Sadly, I didn't have the money to try any. Additionally, there was an Arts event happening and art pieces were displayed across campus. My favourite one is pictured below :)

5. I Want This: look what awesome thing I saw at Costco... a 53 inch stuffed Moose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have no idea where I would put that in my room if I ever got it. It just looks so darn cuddly.

6. Representation of Me: if there's anything you can find me on, it's the internet. Here is just a funny picture that I came across on Facebook. It is so accurate as to what I am... I'm definitely the cleaner and list maker on the procrastinating list. If anything... I might be all of them (except the social sharer one)

Have a great week! :)


  1. Holy freaking giant moose, whoa.

  2. Lol I loved this post, totally reminded me of my university days. Cherish while they last :)

    BTW, you've got a great blog! Would you like to follow each other to stay in touch?