Radiant Orchid

Jan 18, 2014

I saw all these blog posts on Pantone's colour of the year and it got me curious on what the buzz was all about. I can confidently say that I absolutely love the colour! Great choice, Pantone.

After looking at the colour for awhile, the shade looked extremely familiar to me and I then realized that my prom dress was in this colour! I'm a little hesitant to post my prom pictures but continue scrolling down this post to view my dress. Well, I might as well share it if this post is all about purple!

Purple IS my favourite colour for the longest time now. I actually don't think the colour suits my skin tone well but it's so pretty!!! Here are a few items that I found in the colour radiant orchid (or close to). I would get everything on my list if I could!

Image Sources: linked below

8. Hair Velcro - This may be new to a lot of people but I highly suggest getting yourself one of these. It's kind of like a clip and a headband put into one. It doesn't hurt, it doesn't tug, and it's a lifesaver to get hair out of the way!

So onto prom. I hate to dig up these photos but I'm only sharing these photos because of the gooooorgeous colour on the dress... so here they are! I don't really have a picture of just myself in the dress so I had to crop a few pictures. I got this dress for a pretty good deal because it was around $50... not bad for a prom dress. It was a really different style from what I would normally wear but I think that's what I was going for when I was shopping for a dress - different.

Purple overload in this post XD What is/are your favourite colour(s) to wear?

Dress: Lipsy via ASOS
Left picture source: ASOS


  1. Your dress is absolutely gorgeous! I'm loving this colour too - so fun and vibrant (:

    Yuen @ The Craziest Paradigm - a 'lil bit of rust & stardust

  2. Your prom dress is sooo gorgeous! I LOVE the color. Ahhh now I think I want a prom dress in this color too hahhaha. And oo I love the items you picked out in this post. Especially the ruffle dress :)

  3. I love this color, it is so, so fresh and beautiful!
    The dress you were wearing was so, so beautiful! I love the crystals on the sides! :)


  4. Girl you look beautiful! Don't be shy about sharing your pictures:)! Such a pretty dress and color on you! I love your radiant orchid picks too:)!

  5. It's an amazign colour, and the last dress is gorgeous!!!