They Didn't Make The Cut

Feb 25, 2014

Unless the image is really blurry or nothing can be seen clearly, I generally keep every single photo from every post that I've done. I know, the amount of space that takes up on my laptop memory is huge. I guess I saved them thinking I would need a good laugh one day! And so, this is really how my outfit shoots are like; the photos you see in the actual posts make up probably 20% of the total images that were taken. Honestly speaking, some of these photos are really embarrassing... but hey, I can laugh at myself now! Hopefully you'll get a few chuckles out of this! So, here are the images that just couldn't make the cut. Click the titles if you want to link back to the original post (with normal photos) :)

And here are actually some outfits I never posted. My reasons? The pictures were either not good or I didn't like the outfit in the end. We all have those outfits we've worn and end up wondering why we ever did!

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  1. so fab joyce *o* you make a good model