How To Make A Scalloped Lace Top - Talula Inspired

Aug 3, 2014

Hello everyone! Sorry that it has been so long since I've posted. I suddenly got into a sewing mood again so I have another tutorial to show you! I found this lace fabric on sale at the fabric store and noticed that it's the same one used in the Talula Betsy Blouse. I thought I would give it a shot and recreate the top myself. Keep reading to learn how to make it!

[A YouTuber with the name "withwendy" has a DIY tutorial video similar to the one I'm about to give with inspiration coming from the same piece of clothing. This tutorial is my own take on the blouse and is in no way using any ideas from her video]

What you will need:
Lace fabric
Lining fabric (lightweight)
Loose shirt to trace
Thread to match

Inspiration from the Talula Betsy Blouse:

You see in the original blouse that there's a button closure on the back. I made my top looser so that I wouldn't need that but if you find towards the end that your shirt is a bit snug to put on, feel free to sew on a zipper or a button.

1. Fold your lace fabric twice and fold your shirt once down the middle. Line up the folded edges and trace around the shirt, leaving extra room for seam allowances. Cut on the lines you made. You should end up with two identical pieces

2. Repeat step 1 with your lining fabric. You should now have four identical pieces

3. Take 1 lace layer and 1 lining layer and lay them on top of each other; this pair will be your front piece. Deepen the neckline to your liking. Repeat for the other lace/lining pair and deepen the back of the neckline if necessary. In each pair, sew up the side edges, the shoulder, and neckline areas with a serger or a zig zag stitch (as shown below)

4. After sewing your pieces together, flip them inside out to hide the seams. Once done, lay your front and back pieces right sides together (lace sides touching) and sew in the same areas you did before EXCEPT the neckline area.

5. Hemming options:
a) If you prefer straight hems, you can simply hem your sleeves and the bottom of your shirt straight across by folding the raw edges in

b) The blouse I got inspiration from has scallops on both the sleeves and the bottom of the top. I opted to just scallop the sleeves but feel free to do both. If you want to make scalloped hems, you can visit my tutorial on how to do it HERE
- if you scallop the sleeves, do four scallops in total- 2 in between the two seam lines on the sleeves
- vary the number of scallops for the bottom of the shirt to your liking

6. Optional: if you keep up with my DIYs, you know I always like to make the illusion of separately sewn-in sleeves. Working on the inside of your shirt, pinch/pin the area where your seams would be if you did sew sleeves in separately. Once pinned, you should have a curved pocket of fabric sticking up. sew that pocket shut with a seam, making sure you grabbed both the lining and the lace layers.

Hope you enjoyed! :)

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