DIY Patterned/Printed Clothes

Sep 6, 2014

For me personally, I've really been wanting a bird printed t-shirt for the longest time after seeing it on a few actresses and bloggers. It's a really uncommon print and although I saw some online, the prices were ridiculous. Sooooo when you can't afford it, you make it! Here's a method to save you a couple of dollars to get that pattern you've always wanted.

Nineteenth First Day Of School

Sep 3, 2014

I had very mixed feelings with school starting this year. On one hand, I was excited to go to school because I could finally do something productive with my time and learn. On the other hand, I would have to start studying again and not be able to sleep in all the time. That... is my shameful first world problem.

Anyways, as a continuation of my post last year, here's another first day of school outfit post. I've been really loving these red TOMS lately- I'm enjoying wearing some brighter colours before fall comes.