DIY Patterned/Printed Clothes

Sep 6, 2014

For me personally, I've really been wanting a bird printed t-shirt for the longest time after seeing it on a few actresses and bloggers. It's a really uncommon print and although I saw some online, the prices were ridiculous. Sooooo when you can't afford it, you make it! Here's a method to save you a couple of dollars to get that pattern you've always wanted.

What you'll need:
Foam Sheets
Fabric or acrylic paint
Plain clothing piece (cotton works best)
Glue gun
Wet glue

1. Decide what kind of pattern you'd like. With this method, you can only get the shape of the individual printed stamps without details inside. Usually you could find silhouettes of the shape you want on Google, which is how I found my bird shapes. Resize the shapes to your desire, print, and use wet glue to paste each onto a foam sheet. Once dry, cut out the shapes from the foam.

2. Take your paperclips and open up just the end. With a glue gun, glue the length of the open side of the paperclip onto the top of your foam. This will act as a handle to help you stamp easily and prevent permanent paint slip-ups.

3. Before you start, slip a piece of cardboard or bristol board between the layers of your shirt, shorts, dress, etc. This will prevent the paint from leaking onto the other layer of fabric.

4. With your paintbrush, paint a thin layer of paint onto the underside of the foam. You want just the perfect amount of paint to be stamped. If it's too thick of a layer, it will smudge once stamped; if it's too thin, your silhouette will not properly transfer onto the fabric.

5. Position your stamp over the place you want to add your shape onto your clothing. It is crucial you are sure that you stamp in the place you want- there is no room for mistakes with permanent paint on fabric! Carefully press down and slowly lift up after a few seconds. After the first stamp, you'll get a paint stroke effect. If you don't like that appearance, carefully fill it in with a small paintbrush.

6. Repeat step 5 as many times as you want to get the pattern you want.

7. Iron set your paint to make sure it doesn't come out of the wash! I forgot to do it so my bird prints are actually quite faded now- they look like grey birds instead of my preferred black ones.

And now you have your own customized pattern shirt! I've lately seen a lot of wacky prints like cats, dinosaurs, and even faces. I think I'll probably make a cat one or some crazy pattern another day in addition to my bird print tee. Hope you enjoyed!


  1. Ooh, that is pretty cool! I like it even though it's a bit faded. I think it gives the shirt some more character. :)

  2. Ahh I love this! As an avid bird lover, I definitely approve of this tutorial! What's better than birds on your clothes? Thanks for this! :)

    <(') Hoda | JooJoo Azad

  3. This is so cool, I love the pretty bird print :)