Jeju Island

Dec 8, 2014

Here is another set of photos from my vacation this past summer. You can anticipate 2 more after this one LOL. Right after Seoul, my family and I flew to Jeju Island and let me tell you, I was pretty excited; this is like the getaway place that you always see in Korean dramas. If you like nature, this is the place for you to go. Oh, and if there's one thing you must eat in Jeju, it's their oranges! DELICIOUS.

This nature-filled photo set contains snapshots from Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak, Samseunghyeol, Yongduam Rock, Sangumburi Cave, Jeju Folk Village, and Manjanggul Cave.

Got a sunglasses tan during this hike :(


The legend behind this hole is about three demigods and how the people of the island came to be. If you have time, you should definitely read about Samseunghyeol!

Yongduam Rock:

Sangumburi Crater:

Jeju Folk Village:
This place was really similar to the Korean Folk Village so I didn't take many pictures here since I visited the Folk Village in Seoul.

Manjanggul Cave:
This is unfortunately the only "good" picture from inside. Hard to be steady while taking high ISO photos without a tripod!

I was sweating so much outside the cave and right when I got inside, there was no choice but to put on a sweater. It felt so humid outside but it felt like fall weather inside (and it was dripping water everywhere since it rained the day before).

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