Twentieth First Day Of School

Sep 3, 2015

My final year of undergrad has officially begun! I'm not exactly excited about it just because it all seems too fast. Seriously, I'll be applying to my Master's starting in late October... it honestly feels like I've been in university for less than two years. Hopefully I'll get into my program and I'll have two more first days of school to look forward to!

Blog Turns Two! - Year In Review

Jul 12, 2015

I really can't believe this blog has survived 2 years... happy birthday to A Splash Of Tan! Although the blog suffered a bit of a hiatus during this year, it made it to this day. Last year, I talked a bit of my how I felt about blogging. That part hasn't changed much, and if you'd like to read about it, click here. This year, I'm going to reflect more on the recent year that passed, my vision for it, and why I don't spend as much time blogging now.

From mid-December 2014 to the end of April 2015, I took an approximate 4 month break from my blog. Ever since my "Blog Turns One" post, I haven't been updating much; a scarce 1 or 2 posts per month. Part of the excuse, and a common excuse, was that I couldn't balance school/volunteering with blogging. My field of study is nothing related to what I blog about so the extra load was hard to manage. There are also many moments when I just prefer not to share everything on the public domain. Another excuse is that I just didn't have any motivation to continue.

Front Flap Backpack Project

Jul 7, 2015

I have never been so proud of a sewing project in my life. This one took a lot of time to complete because of all the new techniques that I had to learn, but I'm extremely happy with the result. Something about backpacks with the front flap make it so attractive. It was also the fact that it had so many features like enough pockets that appealed to me. I used a pattern for this project and the instructions were a bit difficult to follow nor did I end up following everything, but the overall pattern was great.

Lace Dress Project & Canada Day

Jul 1, 2015

HAPPY CANADA DAY! In celebration of Canada's 148th birthday today, I thought I would turn this post into a bit of a festive one by throwing some red into it.

I actually started this project last year but after many sewing mistakes, I decided to stop. After about a year of getting some self-confidence back in my sewing ability, I finally got the motivation to complete it. Even after sewing so many things, you would think I can avoid silly mistakes like sewing into a layer of fabric I didn't want. The amount of seam ripping I do is unimaginable.

How To Get Your Shoes Looking Brighter/Cleaner

Jun 17, 2015

If you're like me, you never bother to clean your shoes. It either takes up too much time or you don't think it's necessary to do. I wear sneakers almost everyday and I trudge them through sun, snow, and rain so the dirt collects fast. Cleaning my shoes is not something I normally do, but after all that they have gone through these past years, I think they deserved some TLC. And now they look like I can wear them for a few more years!

Although this method isn't exactly "new" out there, I wanted to share this because I have never seen my shoes looking this nice, and I was so impressed by the outcome that I thought you may want to try it out too. I also don't like getting the entire shoe wet so this way worked out well for me. I picked up a few tips from Melissa at Clean My Space and altered them a bit, and used them on a wider range of shoe surfaces.

If you're looking for squeaky clean shoes, then this may not be the DIY for you. It gets a lot of stains out, but if you never clean your shoes like me and have stains from things other than dirt, the solution used below won't be able to get out everything.

Box Pleated Skirt Project

May 27, 2015

Hello! I want to start posting some of the sewing projects that I have done in the past so here's my first one! Many things I make are usually done by following other people's tutorials with an added bit of freehanding; the tutorials that I use for each project will be linked in the end.

I am so in love with longer skirts now. I've been into this more "sophisticated/modest" style lately so the extra length has become a favourite. I'm not a huge fan of midi skirts though because they make my legs look shorter when they hit around my calf, especially since I don't wear heels. Knee length is perfect for me and I don't have to worry about my bum showing too hehe.

The Time I Fainted In A Rat Room

May 20, 2015

Yup, you read that title correctly. After reading the title, you may have pictured me passed out in a locked room with rats running all over the place. I think if there was actually a room with rats on the loose, I wouldn't even step into it. Just to clarify, yes, the room was full of rats, but they were in cages. Nonetheless, it was still a rat room.

This summer, I'm volunteering as a research assistant/helper/you name it in a lab at my school. I have to go through many training sessions and rat handling training is one of them. The day of training arrived and I was emailed to meet in a room outside the vivarium (the room where they keep the live animals). When the time came, I went to the specified floor in the building but the room was no where to be found.

Spring Fever

Apr 29, 2015

Hello! I hope you didn't forget about me. I've been gone from the blog for quite some time now but with good reason. School just took over and along with volunteering and the snow, I just couldn't find the time and motivation to update. Luckily, school is finally done for this year so I'll be blogging a bit more.

The forecast this week is looking so nice which means it's time to break out the skirts. I've been waiting forever to start wearing them again (without leggings) but it never got warmer until now. No joke, I've been planning to wear this outfit probably since January because I was so in love with the skirt and the oxfords.