Box Pleated Skirt Project

May 27, 2015

Hello! I want to start posting some of the sewing projects that I have done in the past so here's my first one! Many things I make are usually done by following other people's tutorials with an added bit of freehanding; the tutorials that I use for each project will be linked in the end.

I am so in love with longer skirts now. I've been into this more "sophisticated/modest" style lately so the extra length has become a favourite. I'm not a huge fan of midi skirts though because they make my legs look shorter when they hit around my calf, especially since I don't wear heels. Knee length is perfect for me and I don't have to worry about my bum showing too hehe.

The skirt was made around Christmas time last year. When people asked me what I wanted for Christmas, I kept telling them this type of skirt, but of course, it wasn't the right season to be looking for it, nor did I ever find anything that had all the elements I wanted. And as always, if you can't find it, make it.

The fabric I used was a black thick cotton blend that doesn't crease. I put in a visible black zipper at the side and added in some hidden pockets.

Box Pleat Tutorial: DIY Box Pleated Skirt by Carbon Chic
Hidden pocket tutorial: DIY Skirt w/ Hidden Pockets

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