Front Flap Backpack Project

Jul 7, 2015

I have never been so proud of a sewing project in my life. This one took a lot of time to complete because of all the new techniques that I had to learn, but I'm extremely happy with the result. Something about backpacks with the front flap make it so attractive. It was also the fact that it had so many features like enough pockets that appealed to me. I used a pattern for this project and the instructions were a bit difficult to follow nor did I end up following everything, but the overall pattern was great.

I've always been a fan of the backpacks with a front flap. Maybe it's the casual but at the same time trendy feel you get from it. The only thing I'm a little dissatisfied with this project is that the backpack came out larger than I wanted, but I guess that can be a good thing when I bring it on trips. I probably added too much seam allowance when cutting out the shapes and didn't end up using it all.

The backpack exterior is made with canvas (which I found in the drapery section) and the interior is made with either polyester or nylon; I'm not really sure what it is exactly but it was labeled as "outerwear". I couldn't find foam padding for the back and straps so my mom gave me the idea of just stuffing the back and straps with some pillow stuffing!

I used two white zippers, some white nylon straps, white flat laces, and some black buckles to finish it off. I originally wanted to add baby blue buckles to give the bag some colour but the buckles came late in the mail and monochrome look seemed to work better. The cordlock, the buckles, and the strap adjusters were recycled from old backpacks.

Pattern: DIY Sewing Academy - Etsy

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