Canadian National Exhibition

Sep 5, 2013

This is one of the biggest (and expensive) events that happen in Toronto each year. The first exhibition started in 1879! I thought that was a pretty cool fact since Canada was officially named a country just a little over 10 years before then. The main attractions include carnival booth-type games, rides, shows, shopping, a petting zoo, and the outrageously weird foods. It was really good weather when I went even though the forecast said it would rain! Thanks to my friend, we got into the Ex for free :)

The food at the Ex is crazy. Have you heard of the cronut burger? It is part croissant and part donut. I would have tried it but the food stall was shut down due to food poisoning cases. I didn't get to eat much because it was waaaaay too expensive. I mean... a baked potato with some toppings for $8?! You know what the best food stall was? It had to be the one that sold everything nutella :D

The game shown below is really fun, but virtually impossible to win. You have to roll the bowling ball across the ramp just enough so that it goes over the hill and stays on the other side of the hill. If you push too hard, it will roll back towards you! It was the cheapest game (25 cents) and they had minion plushies to win! Sadly, I was one of the many unlucky people who went home empty handed.

My hair magically grew!!! Haha I wish it grew that fast... I took these pictures almost a week before I got my hair chopped off! Did I fool you?

My friends and I went on one ride which is simply a ski lift overlooking the entire exhibition. It was extremely relaxing, especially after walking for a long time. We went on right around sunset so the view was amazing! Check out the picture towards the end on the view I captured!

Bare with me, most of these pictures were taken with my phone so the quality isn't that great! I hope you still enjoy the scenery and exotic animals at the end :D


  1. This looks like so much fun! The cronut burger sounds really good but too bad they shut down :(