Eighteenth First Day of School

Sep 3, 2013

If I counted correctly, this would be my 18th first day of school. I went to preschool for 2 years, kindergarten for 2 years, elementary school for 8 years, high school for 4 years, and now I'm entering my 2nd year of university. That's a lot of schooling right there! Even after so many years, I still try to plan out my first day of school outfit.

For those of you who don't know, I commute to school on a daily basis. That amounts to almost 3 hours of busing per day (1.5 hours one way). Even though I do wish that I wouldn't have to do so, I like living off campus. I mean, I get my mom's cooking everyday! I know myself well enough to predict that I would probably be making instant noodles and dumplings often for my meals if I lived on my own.

Now that my summer is officially over, I have my wonderful 8am classes to look forward to... that means I have to leave my house before 7am to get to school on time! Luckily, I end classes pretty early on the days I have 8am classes so I can go home and catch up on my sleep :)

Top: DIY // Cardigan: Bluenotes // Jeans: Aeropostale // Flats: SODA // Backpack: YesStyle (stolen from friend... my real backpack is not attractive)

Gotta include some of the candid photos...


  1. Living with mama is probably the smartest thing a college gal could do. I remember having to bus it out to school for two hours and that's just one way! Good luck on your 18th first day ;)

  2. that bag is cute!

  3. You are so adorable! Oh gosh, I guess that means I'm entering my 20th year of school? WEIRD. Hope you had a great first day! I love this backpack :)


  4. Hope you had a great first day of school!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee