Living Without a Closet

Nov 23, 2013

This is a little different from what I normally post but I think I might start getting into it more. Let me know what you think! :)

Since I moved into the house that I'm currently living in with my family 13 years ago, my room does not have a usable closet. "Joyce, I see that you appear to have a closet door in your room; why is it there?" I will get back to that question in a minute.

So where exactly did/do I store my clothes?
  1. I had a separate dresser with five drawers to store most of my clothes.
  2. When I grew older and my clothes accumulated, I used the three drawers built into my bed frame to store the rest.
  3. Things I needed to hang such as semi-formal or formal dresses, and coats were stored in my sister or parents' closets.

You might be thinking, how hard is it to live without a closet? In all honesty, it really WASN'T... but once I got older, it was tough. Let me tell you though, it helps you resist buying things because you know you won't be able to store it anywhere else. It's a money saver.

Back to the question I know you're all thinking...

"So Joyce, why do you have a door in your room, then?"

I'm positive that when my family's house was built, my room had a closet. The previous owners of our house renovated my parents' room (which is directly behind the door you see in my room) and in the process, expanded their closet while taking mines away. I believe that the previous owners used my room as a music room or something so the closet wasn't needed in their case.

Once I got to around high school, I was begging my parents to have a closet because I just had no where to store everything anymore. As you can see, my room was a big mess with boxes, clothes, and bags everywhere. There was no organization whatsoever. A closet is that secret place where you can throw all your mess inside without anyone knowing about it. Unfortunately I didn't have that (hence it looked like a tornado blew threw my room). I think my main concern was that I just needed somewhere I could hang my clothes. Some clothing material wrinkled easily when folded and I didn't exactly have anywhere to put clothes that I could wear at least one more time without mixing it with all my clean clothes.

And here comes IKEA to the rescue.

I did a lot of research for wardrobes that would fit my room, be within budget, and meet all of my needs. I ended up getting the PAX corner wardrobe in Tanem White (73/73 x 201cm). I didn't even know about corner wardrobes before. It really saves a lot of space which is what I needed. The wardrobes that were against the wall didn't fit my room dimensions and existing furniture. The assembly wasn't too hard but the instructions could have been A LOT clearer. It took both my parents and me to assemble it but
it was all worth it!


In order to make all the furniture in my room fit, I actually had to remove the doorknob on my closet door so that the dresser could be put there without blocking the outlets. At least the hole is concealed.

Has anyone had a similar problem to mine? I'd love to hear about them!


  1. Wow I can only imagine how hard it would be to live without a closet! My room would be such a big never ending mess! My closet already is a mess, haha!
    But I agree that corner closet looks like a great alternative! :)

  2. That's an awesome transformation! Great job making the best use of the space!
    When I first moved in with my now husband, he was renovating his house, so for 3 years, I lived out of wardrobe boxes. That was rough! So thankful for my closet room now!