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Feb 27, 2014

If I ever had to describe my go-to outfit, this would be it: a cardigan and a not-so-basic top paired with jeans and boots/sneakers/flats. Sometimes I'm mind-blown by how simple and plain my outfits are (though I'm very comfortable in them). Like Joyce, can you not try something bolder and accessorize? I guess it's like how some people gravitate toward prints or lace, I just gravitate to solid colours and basics!

Top: AE // Cardigan: Stitches // Jeans: Aeropostale // Boots: Aldo

*If you've noticed that my jeans are always from Aeropostale, all the pairs I own are from there. Their jeans are extremely good quality and so affordable when they're on sale so I stock up! So if you were wondering, I'm not wearing the same pair every time :)*

My daily routine lately has been to wake up, go to school, study, and catch up on my TV shows (The Amazing Race and Pretty Little Liars, anyone?). I wish I had more cool things to share with you guys but the school year just isn't the right time for me to go on adventures. Since it is still midterm season, I haven't been getting enough sleep for the past few days- my eye has been twitching a lot! I don't drink coffee or tea so my "caffeine" is water and milk... a great source of energy, am I right?

I don't think any of my photo shoots have ever been serious. If I'm not standing awkwardly, I'm laughing my head off. I just can't stare at the camera, pose, and smile normally. Therefore, my uncontrollable laughter leads to my almost invisible eyes. If you saw my last post, then you can understand how scarce my "good" pictures come about. And so I don't really have any decent pictures than the ones above... below is just a snippet of how I REALLY pose.

I share with you my awkwardness. ^_^y

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  1. You are just too adorable for words! And this outfit is totally casual, but also totally cute--I'm especially loving those boots. :)