Dark Raspberry

Apr 2, 2014

There are a few colours I really like wearing: mint, light pink, navy, maroon, and now I will add this dark raspberry colour to it. It's not too girly but it still gives off a little feminine vibe with the skirt. Not to mention, the fabric was only $2 before tax. For the price of fabric in comparison to the price of a real skirt, I think that is why I will rarely buy a skirt over $15. When you start sewing some basic clothing items, store prices just seem outrageous.

Tee: Gap // Cardigan: Bluenotes // Skirt: DIY // Tights: Garage // Boots: Aldo // Bag: Wet Seal

If you want to learn how to make the skirt, visit my DIY tutorial to learn how!

Unfortunately, I don't think I got the job that I wanted. They told me they would reply to me two days ago the latest but I haven't heard from them since the interview. I think the problem was that I didn't understand Mandarin- they wanted someone who could speak both Cantonese and Mandarin so I guess they found someone who could speak both. At least I have the other job to lean on!

Lately, I've been thinking of taking some time off from blogging. I have a lot to say about why I want to break from my blog and I have a draft post in the works. I can just say it has been stressful to keep up with it in addition to all my other commitments. As for now, you won't see me posting as frequently as I want to but I'll try my best to update at least two or three times a month. I hope you'll understand!

Have a great week ^_^


  1. I wish I was talented enough to make a skirt! Sounds like its so much more affordable than buying one. Good luck in the job search! The perfect one with come along soon.


  2. I love this color and think it suits you well! Good find!