Borrowing From My Sister

Apr 17, 2014

I took these pictures awhile back since you can still see some snow in the background. Funny thing though, it actually snowed yesterday. It's not normal! I've never really experienced snow in mid April- we had 20 some odd degree weather a few days ago and the next morning, I woke up to everything covered in white.

The perks of having a sister who is the same size as you is getting to share clothes. The boots and the scarf I'm wearing are my sister's and she gave me the tee as well. Good thing she lets me wear her clothes or else I would have to sneakily go into her closet. With my sister, I go with the saying, "what is yours is mine."

Tee & Scarf: Gap // Cardigan: Old Navy // Jeans: Aeropostale // Boots: Tretorn

*I didn't know what other pose to do*

I've started my final exams now and let me tell you, I have never been so distracted in my life. I generally study quite well but for some reason this semester, I find myself searching up a lot of videos, looking at memes, constantly signing into Facebook, and checking my phone every 5 minutes. I end up cramming at the last minute and losing a lot of sleep. I don't know how to stay focused!

I feel like I might be coming down with a cold soon because my throat hurts. I would hate to get sick during exam season... hopefully it isn't anything too bad. But on the bright side, I'll be DONE SECOND YEAR in a little over one week WOOHOO! :)


  1. Cute outfit!! I understand how u feel about the last minute studying, sometimes I had to go on a technology strike and just will myself to focus on studying only so I didn't end up cramming. That's never good for me. Good luck with your finals!


  2. Snowing in April?! That's crazy! Sister's are the best for sharing clothes! My sister and I swap clothes all the time :)