How To Make Elasticized Shorts

May 6, 2014

Making a pair of shorts has been a huge challenge for me. I attempted two other shorts before finally succeeding with the pair shown above! Using an elastic as opposed to a fixed waistband makes it a lot easier because you don't have to be so precise with measurements. I used this deer print fabric to make a pair of pajama shorts but you can use whatever fabric to make elasticized shorts for everyday wear too. Continue reading if you'd like to learn how to make these!

What you will need:
Fabric of your choice
Wide elastic
Existing pair of shorts that fit you well

1. Fold your fabric in half to get two layers (if you have a print and orientation of the print matters, fold accordingly so when you cut, the print isn't upside down). Take your existing pair of shorts and fold them down the center seam. Lay it on top of your fabric and cut a similar shape out of your fabric, accounting for seam allowances. Use the picture below for an approximate reference of how the shape should turn out.

When you cut the center seam area, begin to follow the curve but stop about halfway and then cut straight up. For the waistband area, leave more than the width of your elastic band above the waistband area to account for the casing we will make later.

2. Repeat step 1 to make an additional two pieces. You should end up with 4 identical pieces of the same shape. If your fabric has a "right and wrong side", then you should have 4 pieces of the same shape but two that are a mirror image of the other two pieces.

3. IF you want to make hidden pockets in your shorts, you can follow my tutorial to make pockets in my skirt tutorial here. Pay attention to only the side seams.

If you don't want pockets, head to step 4.

4. Starting with two pieces, right sides touching, sew up your side seams and inseams together. Repeat with the other two pieces.

5. Line up the center seams together and sew together

6. Hem the pant legs by folding up the fabric up twice.

7. Make a casing for your elastic. Fold the fabric down about 1cm (~0.5 inches) first and then fold down a second time a little more than the width of your elastic. Begin sewing the casing shut and stop until there is a small opening left.

8. Put a safety pin through one end of your elastic and loop it through the opening of your casing. Once the two ends meet, sew them together.

9. Sew the rest of your casing shut, flip the shorts inside out and you're done!

Hope you enjoyed :)

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  1. I wish I was talented enough to make these! I have a pair of elastic shorts that are a little big and all I need to do is take in the elastic a little. Luckily, my mom can do it. And if she does it, there's no need for me to learn. lol