Jun 14, 2014

Right before I finished second year, I had a checklist in mind as to what I wanted to accomplish this summer. I decided not to take summer school this year so I had a lot of free time I needed to make productive.

- Find a part-time job
- Volunteer at the hospital
- Learn to drive

I am happy that I can check off all the things on my list! The hardest thing to get was a volunteer position at the hospital because they have so many applicants per year. They placed me in the NICU/pediatrics area! The families and volunteers there are so sweet which makes the shift a lot more rewarding.

Top: H&M // Shorts: Bluenotes // Hat: Ardenes // Shoes: Keds

One thing I really should be doing this summer is exercising. Half way into the year, I think I've only "broken a sweat" twice. I do a lot of walking but it isn't physically demanding cardio. I'm convinced that I grew half to a full pants size over the year. Two pairs of shorts from last summer no longer fit me and neither do two pairs of pants. I need to break the habit of solely depending on my metabolism.

Book reading has been on a hold. I finished reading The Program by Suzanne Young and I really recommend it if you're into dystopian novels. I've instead been busy watching TV dramas- anyone ever watch Flashpoint? The series ended but I've only recently started the show and I think I've already watched half of the episodes already- it's that good.

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  1. seems like you have a busy summer!

  2. Congrats on getting the volunteer position! That polka dot top is adorable on you!

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  3. i love your outfit! congrats on all your exciting accomplishments, that's awesome!

  4. That is such a great summer outfit! The polka dot blouse is the sweetest thing ever- it looks adorable on you! :)
    And I really like your hat, it is such a perfect summer accessory!

  5. Happy First Weekend of Summer Joyce! Congrats on getting the volunteer position in NICU! That is so awesome! My cousin works in NICU at UCLA hospital! Love your summery outfit! :)

  6. Good for you getting everything on your checklist accomplished!
    And I feel ya - I'm trying to get back into working on on the regular - so I can feel your pain about clothes fitting differently! Thanks for sharing with Manic Monday!
    Carylee |