Jun 1, 2014

In my community, there are a couple of forest trails open for anyone to go through. I haven't walked through them since last year and not much has changed. It's basically the same since I was 6! Trees, forest litter, small plants, little animals, and occasionally some deer sightings. The view you see from the trail is so concealed from what is off the trail. I went exploring in some hidden trails once in one of the forests and I saw an old mattress, chair, and umbrella. Was someone living there?! I quickly got out of there... paranoia from watching too many movies!

Dress: No Brand // Cardigan: Zara // Boots: Hunter // Belt: No Brand

I hope you're noticing some changes in image quality! I got a new camera in December last year but I don't know how to use it well when I try to take images of myself on my own. Thankfully my friend is back in town this summer and she's kindly offering her photography skills to help me.

I've been a bit of a bookworm this summer. I can already check off two books on my reading list: "Along For The Ride" by Sarah Dessen and "Divergent" by Veronica Roth. I recently bought "The Program" by Suzanne Young and the reviews seem pretty good so I can't wait to start reading it. It's based on epidemics leading to dystopians/brainwashing which is kind of the theme of stories I'm into now. I'm up to add any books to my list; any good ones to recommend?


  1. Thanks Joyce for stopping by! And thanks so much for voting. It really means a lot to me.

  2. I really, really like your dress & the way you twisted your belt! It looks awesome! :)


  3. Aww Joyce you look lovely, your Dress is adorable and I like your Hunter Wellingtons, I have a pair of shiny black Huntress Ladies Wellingtons which i love and often slip them on when meeting my friends on a sunny day.

  4. I looove your dress and the hunter boots are so cute! And ahh I'm excited to read more this summer too.