Spring Fever

Apr 29, 2015

Hello! I hope you didn't forget about me. I've been gone from the blog for quite some time now but with good reason. School just took over and along with volunteering and the snow, I just couldn't find the time and motivation to update. Luckily, school is finally done for this year so I'll be blogging a bit more.

The forecast this week is looking so nice which means it's time to break out the skirts. I've been waiting forever to start wearing them again (without leggings) but it never got warmer until now. No joke, I've been planning to wear this outfit probably since January because I was so in love with the skirt and the oxfords.

My most recent school semester was brutal. I wasn't used to having so many cumulative and reading heavy classes at the same time so I spent the whole semester locked in my cave room. I took a plants course and it was the worst class I've ever had. It wasn't so much that learning about plants was bad but that I had to remember around 50 gene names and functions. AP1, LFY, SCR, KNU, blah blah blah... all these terms just became a ball of jumbled letters in my head.

I'm pretty excited for my summer this year because I have the chance to volunteer in one of my professor's labs. I'm also scrambling to get some physiotherapy experience this summer because I'll be applying to PT towards the end of this year. It's not mandatory for applications but of course it will increase my chances of getting in. Clinical experience is so hard to find and get in so I'm hoping and praying that someone will take me.

Top: George (Walmart)
Skirt: Hollister
Shoes: Old Navy
Necklace: Forever 21
Bag: Myeongdong in Korea

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