Grape Jelly Waffles

Nov 2, 2013

Sweater: Ebay (HERE) // Leggings: Garage // Boots: Aldo // Beanie: Spring

You're probably questioning the title of my post right now and thinking why this post isn't about grape jelly waffles. Well, the longer I stared at this outfit trying to think of a name, the hungrier I got and the more my outfit began to resemble waffles. Adding the purple in it made me think of grapes. A name was born.
I was so happy when this sweater finally arrived in the mail! It was my first time buying on Ebay too. Despite the slightly open stitch style of the sweater, it keeps me really warm. Did I mention that it is freezing here? "Only about a hundred times, Joyce" It has been raining this whole week and I already had to pull out my winter parka. It was -7 degrees Celsius on one of the days this week. Really, mother nature?

Guess who is finally done midterms?!?!?! Finals are in one month though. It shouldn't even be called a midterm when it happens two thirds into the semester. I feel so relieved that most of this semester is done because this was a tough one. Just when I thought I understood the course material, in comes the midterm to prove me how much I don't know. "Is it A, B, C, two of the above, or all?"

For my program, it is recommended that you take 5 courses per semester if you don't want to take summer school and be able to graduate in 4 years. I also have courses that require labs so that takes up even more time. How do you expect me to have enough time to study?! Geez, I think everyone can do well in university if they just had enough time to study.

I actually feel like I'm in a jelly state right now; weak and fragile with a lot of anxiety.  It has been a ROUGH week for me. I don't have much to write about or else I might just bore you out with my terrible week. Let's hope it gets better from here!


  1. Your sweater looks so warm and snuggly! Have to go check it out!

    Yuen @ The Craziest Paradigm - a 'lil bit of rust & stardust

  2. Love this outfit, it's so cute :)

    Lydia x

  3. Ooh, this sweater is fall perfection! I think I would live in this if I had it :) Hooray for being done with midterms!

  4. Visiting from Peacoats & Plaid Link-up! It's cold here too! Not quite below freezing, but it's getting there! This sweater looks like it will help with the cold :)

    <3 Vicki

  5. LOVE that sweater! and no I want one! way cute on you! found your blog through the collective blog hop! (: