My Everyday

Feb 27, 2014

If I ever had to describe my go-to outfit, this would be it: a cardigan and a not-so-basic top paired with jeans and boots/sneakers/flats. Sometimes I'm mind-blown by how simple and plain my outfits are (though I'm very comfortable in them). Like Joyce, can you not try something bolder and accessorize? I guess it's like how some people gravitate toward prints or lace, I just gravitate to solid colours and basics!

They Didn't Make The Cut

Feb 25, 2014

Unless the image is really blurry or nothing can be seen clearly, I generally keep every single photo from every post that I've done. I know, the amount of space that takes up on my laptop memory is huge. I guess I saved them thinking I would need a good laugh one day! And so, this is really how my outfit shoots are like; the photos you see in the actual posts make up probably 20% of the total images that were taken. Honestly speaking, some of these photos are really embarrassing... but hey, I can laugh at myself now! Hopefully you'll get a few chuckles out of this! So, here are the images that just couldn't make the cut. Click the titles if you want to link back to the original post (with normal photos) :)

1. Practicing some Shakespeare
(Being my first shoot, I have so many unusable photos that it was hard to narrow it down for this post)

How To Make A Skirt With Hidden Pockets

Feb 15, 2014

I love wearing skirts during the spring and summer time. The only problem I really have is that some of them don't have pockets! I mean, I could carry a bag but sometimes I want to put small things in my pocket without having to dig for them in my bag. Keep reading to learn how to make this easy skirt!


Feb 4, 2014

Believe it or not, I went on Google to try to determine what kind of flower is printed on my top. My hunch is that they are peonies but I'm stuck between that and chrysanthemums. I wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't either of those flowers because I know nothing about them.  Did you know the peony was named after the Greek physician god, Paean? Peony... physician... medicine... my career aspiration - I'm destined to wear this flower!

Floral print is one of those patterns that I consider to be a "happy print". It just seems to brighten up an outfit and it makes me so cheery! Polka dots gives me that same feeling but stripes isn't one of them. I don't know, does anyone else feel this way?