Feb 20, 2016

Long time no see! Almost two months in and this is my first post of 2016. I haven't had the time or passion to blog for the past 5 months. A lot has been happening that I'll mention briefly about each below.

Winter has been interesting this year. Back in late December, I remember wearing my fall jacket and just last week, it was feeling like almost -40C. This outfit here has probably been the only "fashionable" thing I've worn this winter that keeps me warm enough under my jacket. These leggings probably don't look that warm but they're fleece lined and so comfortable. As you can see, the weather got better this week which is also why I was able to take pictures outside without freezing. In addition with my morning classes, I'm just so tired that I don't want to spend energy on picking out clothes to wear.

Tee: Gap // Cardigan: Zara // Fleece Leggings: Kirkland // Shoes: Jack Purcell // Bag: Kate Spade // Necklace: Forever 21

My soon-to-be-brother-in-law lended his DSLR camera to me and it is infinitely times easier to take photos. The original camera I used doesn't have an IR sensor so I couldn't use a wireless remote to take pictures. Before, I had to set the timer on and put something in the frame to focus before I stepped into the shot. With this new camera, I just have to stand in the frame, click a button, and pose. Since I'm new to using it, you may spot the remote in my hand in several shots.

I can't believe I'm graduating soon!! Two more months and I would have completed my undergrad. It makes me feel old but I know I still have a lot of years ahead of me. I took my graduation photos several weeks ago and I can't say I'm satisfied with how they turned out. However, they are for my parents and they seem to like it so as long as they're happy with it, I'm good. I mean, it's only a picture, right? Nothing to worry too much about. The convocation pictures will also be more important since those actually dictate the day I receive my undergraduate degree.

School has been interesting this semester. I took one less course this semester but the workload seems heavier because I have a lot more assignments and presentations to do. However, they're spread out evenly across the weeks which is much better in comparison to my "5 exams in 8 days" deal last semester. I don't remember mentioning this but I am taking an English course this semester. This was the one course I was terrified of but it turns out, I'm doing alright. Despite my initial fear with this English course, I have to say I'm enjoying it now.

It's official - I've applied to my physiotherapy programs! I won't be hearing back from the schools until late May which makes me both anxious and excited. I only applied to three schools which isn't much leverage for my chances in being accepted. To be fair, there weren't many program options I could apply to and there was no other program I wanted to apply for to act as a backup plan. The programs are quite competitive so I'm really hoping I stand out in some shape or form.

I went to my school's fellowship retreat earlier this year. My faith has been a rollercoaster for awhile but the fellowship has been really helping me stay accountable. In addition, I don't attend my church's fellowship just because I don't feel like I can relate with the people there. The majority of the people who make up that fellowship are much older than me so our lives are quite different. This puts pressure on me in finding a fellowship for next year since I won't be attending the same school. I have been invited to a few from friends so I'm praying that I can find the courage to step out of my comfort zone and go to a new fellowship.

One thing I never thought I would achieve is improving on my Mandarin. I've been volunteering at a Chinese senior home since July of last year. Many of the residents speak Cantonese which I am capable of conversing in but some speak Mandarin. If you didn't know, spoken Cantonese and Mandarin are quite different so it's difficult for me to learn the latter on my own. I know it's silly to feel so inferior not knowing how to speak Mandarin but the breakdown in communication makes me feel dumb. Luckily, I'm slowly picking up on phrases and understanding more of what they're saying over these past months. In no way am I at the point of being fluent but I'm satisfied with my progress.

A bit of a random note but I got a haircut after I took my grad pics. I actually got straight bangs but I was never able to get used to them so I pushed them to the side. I wanted the "see-through bangs" that are very popular in Korea. Sadly, the hairdresser I went to cut off too much hair so the see-through effect wasn't achieved. I was a bit sad about it but I mean, it's just hair and it'll grow back.

OK, I think that's a good enough update on my life so far. Mostly, this is just a record for myself so I can look back on it in the future. Thanks for reading up till here, though! I can't promise that I'll post often in the following months but I probably won't wait 5 months for the next post.

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