I Want It That Way: eShakti Review

Jun 24, 2014

If you know me well, you know that I love to buy things online. The ease of just sitting and shopping at the same time is so much more relaxing. eShakti was a new website to me so when they contacted me to do a review, I was very excited because their clothes looked awesome online. The shopping experience I had with them was different; in short, it was easy, simple, and fun. I chose a plain black dress but they have so many more options for whatever style of clothing you like.


Jun 14, 2014

Right before I finished second year, I had a checklist in mind as to what I wanted to accomplish this summer. I decided not to take summer school this year so I had a lot of free time I needed to make productive.

- Find a part-time job
- Volunteer at the hospital
- Learn to drive

I am happy that I can check off all the things on my list! The hardest thing to get was a volunteer position at the hospital because they have so many applicants per year. They placed me in the NICU/pediatrics area! The families and volunteers there are so sweet which makes the shift a lot more rewarding.


Jun 1, 2014

In my community, there are a couple of forest trails open for anyone to go through. I haven't walked through them since last year and not much has changed. It's basically the same since I was 6! Trees, forest litter, small plants, little animals, and occasionally some deer sightings. The view you see from the trail is so concealed from what is off the trail. I went exploring in some hidden trails once in one of the forests and I saw an old mattress, chair, and umbrella. Was someone living there?! I quickly got out of there... paranoia from watching too many movies!