Painting The City White

Nov 28, 2013

I have never done outfit posts in the winter before and I didn't realize how hard it is to do it! My coats rarely make the outfit so staking it out in the cold was a challenge.

So as you can see, a nice blanket of snow has fallen! Goodbye green grass! Everything just seems so still now: less animals, less cars, and less sun during the day. I was (and still am) pretty excited for winter to start because that means it's almost Christmas time! LESS THAN ONE MONTH AWAY. The Christmas tree is already up at my house too!

Living Without a Closet

Nov 23, 2013

This is a little different from what I normally post but I think I might start getting into it more. Let me know what you think! :)

Since I moved into the house that I'm currently living in with my family 13 years ago, my room does not have a usable closet. "Joyce, I see that you appear to have a closet door in your room; why is it there?" I will get back to that question in a minute.

So where exactly did/do I store my clothes?
  1. I had a separate dresser with five drawers to store most of my clothes.
  2. When I grew older and my clothes accumulated, I used the three drawers built into my bed frame to store the rest.
  3. Things I needed to hang such as semi-formal or formal dresses, and coats were stored in my sister or parents' closets.

Two is Better Than One

Nov 14, 2013

Anyone remember that song by Boys Like Girls ft. Taylor Swift back in 2009? That was a pretty catchy song, except for that weird line in verse 2: the way you taste, you make it hard for breathing. Gross.

But yes, two is better than one. Like this week, my friend's mom was so nice to buy me a Toonie Tuesday dinner from KFC. Two chicken pieces and fries for cheap? YES! It's honestly so unhealthy for you but the seasoning is too good. When staying warm, two is definitely better too. Am I over using the word two, too, to? I don't have many thick knits in my closet so my solution is usually to wear multiple layers. Better yet, it saves a lot of decision-making time in the morning.

Operation Christmas Child

Nov 7, 2013

Christmas is about to roll in (less than 2 months?!) and I've been excitedly waiting to talk about this awesome charity project by Samaritan's Purse. Operation Christmas Child is a yearly project whose main purpose is to share God's great love. It started in the '90s and people participate worldwide to pack shoeboxes full of items to gift to children in developing countries. Everyone should experience the joy, hope, warmth, and love that Christmas is supposed to bring!

Grape Jelly Waffles

Nov 2, 2013

Sweater: Ebay (HERE) // Leggings: Garage // Boots: Aldo // Beanie: Spring

You're probably questioning the title of my post right now and thinking why this post isn't about grape jelly waffles. Well, the longer I stared at this outfit trying to think of a name, the hungrier I got and the more my outfit began to resemble waffles. Adding the purple in it made me think of grapes. A name was born.